Snoring / Sleep Apnea

Snoring Treatments at Rapid City Medical Center

Why do I Snore?

Snoring occurs when there is an obstruction in the free flow of air through the passages at the back of the mouth and nose. This area is where the tongue and upper throat meet the soft palate and uvula. It is a collapsible part of the airway, when these structures collapse and vibrate on each other during breathing, this creates snoring.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that results in either partial or total obstruction of the upper airway during sleep. When the tissues in the back of the mouth, throat and or nose obstructs air flow during sleep. Patients suffering from this disorder have interrupted airflow for at least 10 seconds. This could either be partial interruption of air flow also known as hypopnea. When an interruption in the air flow occurs, sleep is interrupted by the body to restart breathing.

How can I get relief from Snoring?

Traditionally the treatment for snoring consisted of painful laser-assisted surgeries. A new revolutionary outpatient treatment is now available to those suffering with snoring issues. The Somnoplasty procedure gently reduces and stiffens the tissues in the soft palate and uvula. Unlike the traditional snoring treatment, Somnoplasty is virtually painless!

Treatment Options Available for Sleep Apnea

Coblation therapy can be used at the base of the tongue when combined with traditional surgery for Sleep Apnea providing a faster and easier recovery. Coblation is an advanced technology that uses gentle radio frequency energy to reduce the tissue at the base of the tongue. It is common for patient that suffers from sleep apnea to have their tonsils removed. Coblation can be used for the tonsillectomy portion of the surgery. Non-surgical approaches include weight loss lifestyle modification, or the use of an oral appliance to reposition the jaw during sleep.

Please fill out the following Epworth Sleepiness Scale to help us determine your risk of sleep apnea.

Epworth Sleepiness Scale